La Rentrée Cinéma 2015

Film annonce de la Rentrée du Cinéma 2015.

There is always a cinema near your emotions
Director: Günther Gheeraert
Starring Audrey Looten, Terrence Amadi, Loubna Satori, Alain Lahaye, Paloma Nardy-Marchier
Voice-over: Benoît Allemane
Production : blacknegative
DOP: Mahdi Lepart 
Assistant: Gary Queruel
Key Light: Olivier Regent
Hair Make Up Artist: Delphine Filteau
Production Managers: Philippe Queruel - Arnaud Pépin
Production Assistant: Marion Gence
Post-Production: Reepost
Editing: Thomas Bonnel
Color Correction: Anne Szymkowiak
Music: Franck Prevost
Performed by: The Colonne Orchestra
Recorded at: Salle Colonne directed by: Paul Rouger
Sound Engineer: Pascal Bomy
Assistant : Simon Marais
Camera: RED Epic Dragon

Recorded in 5K 30FPS
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